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Petition for GM701GS, GM701GM laptop gaming plzzzzz !

Level 7
Hi everyone,
I need to change my laptop because he is a little old now, in my research i look 3 aspect first (in my point of view of graphic) :
- the look, and for me the best looking its the GM model, not too gaming look but not too simple.
- the use of the laptop, and instead of the GX701the keyboard is not at the end of the laptop.
- the upgrade of component, the GX701 for exemple can only get 24GB max because of the 8GB fix at the motherboard and only have 1 slot M2. When the GM501 get 32GB max and 1slot SSD M2 with 1 slot SSHD.

I hope that Asus will work on the autonomy of the battery, and the quallity of the sreen. I hope some people join me to ask for that gaming (or graphic) configuration laptop 🙂

Seeya Guys !