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Opinions on the ROG Zephyrus G16 RTX 4060

Level 7

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a new laptop to do my university work/projects and play games. I know that the fan noise gets pretty loud when its under intensive gaming. I understand that part, but I want to know if it will get very noisy if I play simple games like Stardew Valley.

However, what matters the most is if it will get noisy under simple tasks or when I'll be doing university work. For context, I'm a computer science student, so I'll be using this laptop to build some simple games on C++, use it for Arduino projects or just code on VScode. I wan't to know if it gets really noisy because I want to avoid having that loud laptop during a lecture. That is what I mostly worry about

I'll appreciate any tip or life experience you guys have!


Level 7

Hi I just got mine today, loving it so far, in a lecture, you can use the 'mux' to de-activate the 4060 discrete gpu, the fan noise would be virtually silent u can also select eco mode for ultimate quietness 

Level 8

You can put it on silent and it won't spin up much while using IDE and such. Going to be warm to touch, but nothing fatal. Can't test with Stardew Valley, but I reckon you can play that even with dGPU off so it's probably not gonna get too loud. What I would worry about is issues like this one.

Not sure if 2024 model has this issue, but I'm currently experiencing it with the 2023 model (Intel 12700H, RTX 4060). Doesn't happen too often, but can be infuriating when it does, especially if you're a student taking quick notes during the lecture. Love the build quality and aluminum case, but software is really lacking. If you do get it, make sure, first thing, to disable auto installation of the software in BIOS and install Ghelper instead of Armoury Crate. I hate the idea of installing third party software to control hardware, but, in this case, you do want to go that route. I learned that the hard way.