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New Zephyrus S GX502GV freezes during boot

Level 7
I got a new GX502GV a bit more than a month ago, shortly before everybody went into lockdown. Since then, almost every time when I turn it on after a shutdown, it gets to the ROG logo screen, I see the Windows startup "spinner" for a few seconds, then it stops. The fans keep running, but it will stay this way indefinitely until I turn it off by holding the power button. After that, I can turn it back on and it will boot as normal.

Once I get to the desktop, it's probably OK and I can use it for light tasks like web browsing, play games, etc. Sometimes, it gets to the desktop, loads most of my startup programs, then hangs. Again, if I turn it off, then back on again, it's usually fine.

I think there may be other power-management / driver issues. Sometimes when I put it to sleep, I come back to find it's at 5-7% battery, like it woke up while closed and ran itself down to critical level before going back to sleep. And once or twice, while playing a game, I've experienced a black screen followed by crash to desktop, after which the screen was stuck at full brightness -- the controls would move the brightness setting up and down, but the actual screen intensity remained at maximum.


I'm running the latest BIOS version (308), GeForce Experience shows the latest NVidia drivers, Windows Update says I'm up to date, same with the update sections of MyAsus and Armory Crate.