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New G15 - MSHybrid broken until reboot, dGPU does not shut down after cold boot

Level 7
Hello. I have a brand new G15 2022 and in the last days the MSHybrid mode is driving me nuts. Its not working correctly when the laptop is booted after shut down / doing a cold boot. This is what happens right away:

- I usually get a Windows notification that MSHybrid is in power saving mode (its set to Optimized)
- Armoury Crate shows that the Nvidia GPU is always on
- The memory frequency is stuck on 405 Mhz instead of going into power saving/extreme power saving.

Even when I plug in the power or switch modes it stays that way. The worst thing is that the GPU wattage is limited to 55 watts (instead of 80 in Performance or 100 in Turbo). Now nothing helps, switching MSHybrid profiles, switching Silent/Performance/Turbo, klicking other buttons.

To fix this, I just have to to a reboot. Now MSHybrid mode works, the memory frequency and others go to power saving and then go to extreme power saving and dGPU is removed. But when I shut down time i boot after shut down, its the same issue again.

I already uninstalled Geforce Experience, and removed the latest Nvidia drivers and installed the previous ones. System is almost fresh, no additional GPU software like Afterburner etc is running. Everything is up to date.

Please help me, if I don't find a solution I'll have to return the G15 because this is not acceptable.

Level 7
Sadly no answer. Used Armoury Crate Uninstaller and reinstalled it, exact same issue.

Used the recovery function, deleted everything and set it back to the dealer. Seemed to be a great laptop, but this is not acceptable.

I have the exactly same issue on my zephyrus G15 2022 model. I spent many days but the problem has not been solved.
Actually I got new laptop from the dealer after returning it but the issue still exists.
I tried to install windows 10 and windows 11 but the issue is same. Only rebooting after cool boot fixes the problem.
I really wanted ASUS to fix this problem soon.

Which nvidia gpu did u get? I dont experience the same problem but i dont usually take wall power off.

Mine is 3060 model.
It seems the problem is happening when off AC plug*

It seems the problem is gone after disabling "Turn on fast startup" from the shutdown setting.
For me now it works fine.