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Need older GU502GW bios so I can undervolt Zephyrus M

Level 7
Hi, I'm trying to undervolt on my GU502GW but the newer bioses won't allow it. I think I need 307 or below but can only find 309 and up online. Would much appreciate it if anyone has a copy laying around they can share or can point to a reputable source. Thanks!

Level 7
inbox me for bios 307

Hi! Can anyone share with me bios307 file for gu502gw?

Hey @aldirp do you think you can also share your bios 307 for GU502GW with me? Please and thank you in advance! 

Level 8

Posting this in a few threads to spread awareness:

I've found that the Windows Update catalog retains historic BIOS information along with other driver details for ours and many other machines. Somewhat expected but lesser known information I suppose.

Anyway I found out that the entries in the WU Cat ties to a supported hardware ID which is how they are delivered to your machines.

Using this I went into Device Manager then expanded "Firmware" then opened object "System Firmware"

I then went to the "Details" tab and selected "Matching device ID" in the drop down.With the value in view, I right clicked the entry and selected copy.

Afterwards I went too and pasted in the copied hardware ID into the search bar. I could then see all the BIOS updates suitable for my machine.

You are awesome! I cant thank you enough