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Need help with my brand new Asus ROG Zephyrus G15.

Level 7

Hi everyone. I need some help with issues I've been having with my brand new Asus ROG Zephyrus G15.

I bought it to do graphic design work cause I've seen some amazing reviews on it and I thoght surely a laptop that could handle gaming that well could handle Adobe software.

When I first started using it, it lagged continuously even during simple tasks like web browsing and YouTube videos. I tweaked some settings on Armoury Crate following some YouTube videos and I've settled on using the the "Ultimate" GPU mode and setting the overall mode to "Performance" to stop the lagging. When the GPU mode was set standard or optimized I still experienced some lagging (I think Adobe softwares were not recognized are GPU intensive software so it didn't automatically switch to the Nvidia) and when the general mode was set to windows the lagging was so bad.

Should there even be any lagging during browsing on such a laptop that's brand new out of the box. Do I possibly have a faulty unit? Or is there something I could do in the settings to fix this.

One more thing. The battery life lasts me only 2 hours on these intense settings. Is that normal? I've read that battery life should last 6-8 hours on regular tasks and around 2 hours when gaming heavily.

I would really appreciate some help cause I've travelled and only have product warranty in the US so I can't return or exchange it. Would love to know if it's definitely a faulty unit so I could send it back to the states to be exchanged under the warranty.


Level 11

The battery life may be poor when in Ultimate mode since the dedicated graphics card is constantly active and can easily triple your power consumption or more at idle state (depending on specific CPU/GPU combo, power settings etc.). This can also be affected by screen brightness (lower lasts longer). With default settings, the dedicated GPU is only activated for intensive tasks, otherwise it is turned off to reduce power consumption. You may also have a setting in MyASUS app that does not charge your battery to 100% to increase the battery lifespan. A little over 2 hours is not unrealistic in the worst conditions.

A modern laptop should not lag during web browsing or light office work. While it can be a faulty unit, it may also be a simple driver issue, I would recommend checking the MyASUS app for driver updates, BIOS updates, firmware updates.

Level 9

Monitor powerdraw with tools like Hardware Info or OCCT. Add 6-8w to account for mobo, ssd, wifi on top of CPU&GPU reads.

During regular tasks on ultimate mode mine draws around 35-40w. Battery is 90wh. I get about 2 hours and 15 minutes, so math checks.

Do the math, your laptop's battery is 74wh, to be able to achieve 6 hours would mean a power draw of around 12w. That average would be hard to hit on ultimate mode, as the dGPU would draw what, 5w on its lower power state during light loads, leaving 7w for the rest of the laptop, CPU, mobo & rest of components. Idk, maybe you could average 15w on ultimate at best, that would net you 5 hours.

Oh, all this is on silent of course, with the performance profile the CPU alone would spike up to 33w. That's how you get only 2 hours. That's normal, yeah, what's not normal is the lagging you are experiencing, your laptop should run fine on the silent profile, even with CPU boost disabled.