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My ROG Zephyrus M GM501 Overheats when Doing Nothing

Level 7
I know posts have been made about this topic already, but I cant find any that exactly match my case. The problem I have is my laptop overheats up to 75 degrees Celsius when plugged in. I don't have to be doing anything, just having the computer open when plugged in and the fan on overboost overheats it. I have asus battery health running on maximum lifespan mode, and when I unplug the laptop the temperature drops to 50 degrees C. You can imagine what temperatures it reaches during intense gameplay. The fan(s) also started recently making a weird buzzing/ humming sound. I think the right fan may be blown, but I have no way to check. Most of the time, using fn + f5 to bring it back to overboost somehow makes it more overboosty and it cools down about 10 degrees c, only for the fan to slow down again which is the reason why my computer gets so hot. I am looking for a solution that has me not opening the case up, as I have no experience with the insides of computers. and to think on the GM501 part of the asus webpage it says "'silent" is an option for the fan...
EDIT: just played some Unturned while plugged in, and it got to 95 DEGREES C. that is definitely not as intensive as gmod, which I have been playing plugged in at about 65 degrees c a month after I got this computer less than a year ago.
EDIT 2: idle cpu temp while plugged in just jumped to 85