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Motherboard Processor Heating Problem

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Hello, I may have spelling errors because I use translation. I'm sorry in advance

Computer Model: X555L
Motheboard Model: X555LD rev 3.1

My problem is that when I turn on the computer, the screen does not appear at all. For this;
1. I checked if there is a problem with the cable going to the display. I did the static discharge and the computer worked,
2. Even though I did the same thing, the computer did not turn on. I disassembled all the parts, looked at the motherboard and could not see any problem. When I plugged the power cable directly into the motherboard and turned it on, the computer worked.
3. I went as far as disassembling the motherboard without discharging static electricity, but I couldn't get any results.
The fan does not work when powered from the motherboard. The processor instantly gets hot enough to burn your hand. I think it's a processor related problem.

There is no problem with the hard disk
There are 2 RAMs, I did not detect any malfunction in the RAMs.
I used different power supply.