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Most efficient M.2 SSDs?

Level 7

So I just got a new 2024 Zephyrus G16 laptop and was super impressed with the battery life its given me the last few days. For work I need a lot of data (like 1.5 TB) stored locally on my laptop and I use a cloud service to sync it all. I used the 2nd SSD slot to add a 2TB drive and while it works it has SIGNIFICANTLY degraded my battery life. Im talking about 7W-8W average total power draw to 11-12W average. That leaves my laptop from lasting about 12ish hours to about 8 hours. Since I travel so much and dont have access to plugs all the time the difference in battery is hugely important. Im thinking of just getting a single 4 TB drive and and replacing my system drive to use 1 instead of 2 separate. That alone should help a lot. The most important thing is efficiency. Does anyone know of a website that test power draw for these things? I cant find many tests recently within the last 3 years. Samsung seams to always be most efficiient but not always. Any help would be hugely appreciated.