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M16 GU603HM Laptop won't work with Logitech headset

Level 7
I just got a new laptop (Asus M16 GU603HM) and love it. But I'm having a heck of a time trying to get my Logitech - G PRO X wireless working with it....
Any time I try its stuck on "Setting up" in the GHUB setup screen. Then if I go to windows audio and try to test them, it says the device is in use by another application. The only fix I've found is to GO INTO BIOS and disable the on board audio, which is less then ideal as I switch from using it at home for gaming to using it on the move where I need the speakers.... and TBH going into the BIOS every time to do this is clunky and tiring.

So from this error I read there is some program taking control of the headset before Logitech GHUB can. I tried to figure out what could be doing it. I uninstalled Dolby Access. I checked for other programs that might be effecting it but I cannot think of anything. The laptop has built in AI noise canceling but I have that disabled in device manager.... I'm just really stumped.

Of course I did the classic troubleshooting steps, from basic to extreme... Uninstalled and played with drivers, trying a different USB port, reinstalling stuff in a magic order, updating BIOS and all laptop drivers and firmware, formatting windows completely, etc. The issue is only apparent on my laptop and the headset works fine on other devices. The USB port is fine on the laptop too.

I'm really stumped on what to do, and it has me considering a return on the laptop and trying another brand. I hope there's some fix, but in all my troubleshooting in being in tech, this one has me beat.