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Low GPU/CPU Usage, etc?

Level 9

I'll first start by saying my laptop's model, it's a Zephyrus G16 GU603ZV (If the specs are needed: i7-12700H, RTX 4060 and 16GB Ram.). I used Armory Crate's resource monitoring system to potentially track down a performance issue that I'm having (display stuttering.. not gonna lie I'm already getting used to the stuttering) and I saw that the CPU and GPU usage stays at 25% maximum even though it's running a 3D game that would probably like to use more resources (I just checked the taskbar, and the game only uses 10% of the CPU! I thought it's a pretty demanding game..) VRAM usage stays at 25%. I've also noticed the fact that my memory usage when gaming does not go past 10.3GBs (when idle it still uses around 7GB) pretty much nothing reaches more than 25% when it comes to resource usage.

Even though the CPU Usage isn't as high, it's still reaching temperatures around 80-95C, so I really have no idea why the CPU, GPU etc refuses to use more resources for the game.

Is this normal? Is my laptop holding itself back/underperforming for some reason? If this is abnormal, Is there any solution to this/ an app or anything else that can make my game use more resources for better performance? By the way, I think it's still performing well in terms of FPS, it's just that the stuttering really annoys me, and it also happens for the entire display, not the game only, that's why I'm thinking it could be due to the fact that the laptop just doesn't want to use the CPU/GPU more.

I reallllyyy don't want to return my laptop over this, and either way I think it's too late to do so, so if anyone knows if this is abnormal please let me know.


Level 12

And if you run the Cinebench R23 test, what does it look like? Compare the results with other machines.

I'll do the test right now and I'll tell you the results.

For multi-core I got 13112 points, that's like 4th place according to the app's ranking, and 1678 points for single core, that's 1st place in the ranking. MP ratio reached 7.81 (im guessing the mp ratio is just the multi core points divided by the single core points).

While doing the testing, the CPU usage was still staying at 15%, I guess it doesn't need that much usage, but what causes such low GPU usage though..

Level 12

What are your settings for Armory Crate, CPU - Turbo, GPU - Standard?

GPU is on ultimate while the fan settings are on performance, I'll leave a screenshot 



Adding on to this, here are the stats for the CPU and GPU while gaming.