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Low and unstable performance of Zephyrus DUO 16 after updating to 314 BIOS

Level 7
My variant is R9 6900hx, 3080 Ti and UHD panel. After updating to 314 BIOS, the performance is lower and unstable. The fps drops randomly during a game under either turbo mode or manual mode. It's more than noticealbe, a very bad gaming experience. Balanced mode has a lower averaged fps, but fps rarely drops. However, the performance of balanced mode is not enough for AAA titles.

The stress test by AIDA64 (FPU only) and Furmark resulted in way unstable wattage for both CPU and GPU, so it clearly explains why fps drops randomly during a game.

Below attached two pictures of the stress test w/ 308 bios and w/ 314 bios. Both were set to manual mode with CPU wattage maxed out, GPU overclocking +160 mhz, GPU memory +130 mhz, and fans fixed at 100%.

W/ 308 BIOS, the system gave a max combined wattage of 220 Watts during the first minute, but CPU was throttled thus lower afterwards in manual mode, but the wattage was very stable, while the system gave a combined wattage of 195 W in turbo mode.

W/ 314 BIOS, CPU and GPU both were way unstable, and the combined wattage was mostly capped below 190 Watts in manual mode, while they were also unstable and mostly capped below 175 W in turbo mode.

I tried to roll back to 308 BIOS in ez flash with a USB stick, but it is locked and there is no way to roll back w/o a BIOS flasher.

ASUS please fix the unstable performance of the turbo mode and the manual mode of 314 BIOS, and also give a relaxed wattage capping such as w/ 308 BIOS.

Stress test, manual mode w/ 308 BIOS
Stress test, manual mode w/ 314 BIOS