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Left usb c connector doesn't work properly on my 2023 rog zephyrus g14 (rtx 4060)

Level 8

The left side usb c connector only works sometimes on my new 2023 rog zephyrus g14 (rtx 4060) when connecting an external display.

The external display is Dell U3818DW 4k monitor that comes with usb-c hub which means the same usb-c connection delivers power as well as data exchange.

It only works sometimes, like right after a restart. It only lasts a couple of seconds and then the display gets disconnected and only power delivery remains. I tried other cables, no luck. I also have another laptop that works perfectly with the monitor with the same usb-c connection (power delivery + display and data).

The right side port works perfectly, except it doesn't have power delivery so its not a solution. 

I also checked firmware of the monitor, its up to date. All the bios updates and windows updates are finished on the g14.


Level 8
I was able to finally resolve this by restoring BIOS defaults (not a factory reset or anything like that). But after all the research I found one major unsolvable caveat. When using a single usb c cable for display as well as power delivery:
  1. The battery will constantly discharge/recharge instead of just using power from the usb-c power source. This will have a significant effect on battery in the long-run. If you use the barrel connector this issue disappears.
  2. While demanding apps like games will be using the dGPU, the external monitor in general will be using iGPU. You can use the right side usb-c to make it always use the dGPU for the external monitor.
So overall, even though you could have the single-cable setup, its not worth the battery damage and decreased performance. Thumbs down to Asus for not mentioning this very important drawback of the port.

For regular usb c charging(no display) is it safe for the battery? any special method to charging via usb c to prevent battery degradation(ie charge while not using etc)?

As long as its a light use there shouldn't be a problem to charge it (via usb c) and use it at the same time. But I wouldn't game in that mode because you're still basically powered by the battery (although you're charging it at the same time).


Thanks for sharing btw, really useful info