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Laptop power limitations

Level 7

I have been using a Zephyrus Duo 16 (2022) GX650RW for almost 5 months now mainly for work and secondarily for gaming. The experience has been really great and my overall productivity is improved. My only concern that prompted me to post is regarding my experience working with the two power bricks included in the set.

The larger power brick is a 280W AC Adapter which I leave at home. It only experiences use when I'm gaming or if I have work from home.

The smaller Type-C, 100W AC Adapter is what I bring to my workplace. It is being used very frequently and constantly.

I've been observing that the applications I use show visual and audio stuttering using the Type C, 100W AC Adapter, at my workplace for a long time now. I've never experienced the same symptoms using the larger power brick while at home.

Is this problem due to the type of connected AC Adapter?

Should I buy a second 280W AC Adapter to leave at my workplace?

Should I choose to ignore this observation, is it going to damage my laptop?

Any other suggestions that can help me in this situation?

My knowledge regarding this is just basic, is there anything else that I must know?

I'd also take this opportunity to ask about panel overdrive. I have two local accounts on my device. The first is a primary/personal one which has it turned on and can also be turned off. The second is what I use at work but it is always greyed out regardless of what AC adapter I'm using and cannot be turned on. Is there a step by step on how I can activate panel overdrive in this second local account?


Level 11

The Zephyrus Duo 16 comes with two graphics processors. An integrated AMD unit on the CPU and a dedicated NVidia one. The components in general in the laptop aren't very power efficient so the 100W is not quite enough to run the two screens, the CPU and integrated GPU at full power. That is one reason you may be getting throttling.

It gets worse if you use the NVidia GPU, usually for graphics-intensive loads. For just office work, it should not kick in, but even having some bad software like Epic Game Store running can keep the dedicated GPU active even without almost any load. Mind you, the NVidia GPU is enough to overburden the power adapter and it'll start to discharge the battery.

So yes, the 100W can be good for travels when you don't need to do much, but active office work with multiple windows, video work (including video conferencing), high brightness etc. can use more than the power adapter can supply. It may be a wise idea to invest in a second big adapter.

Level 9

Check out, if need further help just ask on the page.