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Keyboard randomly stops working GA402XV

Level 7

I have a 4060 and 4050 version of the 2023 g14 and I have encountered this issue with both of them. The keyboard randomly stops working, all buttons except for m1,m2,m3,m4 and power button become completely unresponsive for anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes at a time. They seem to randomly start working as well. I have reinstalled all drivers and do not know what to do.


Level 8

I am having the exact same issue on Zephyrus G16 (2023) GU603ZV. It even happens in BIOS (UEFI) so it's probably not the drivers.

Edit: realized that in my case this often occurs shortly after switching to dGPU-only mode via Advanced Optimus (when launching a game) or when rebooting into dGPU-only mode.

Level 7

I am having the exact same issue on rog strix G16 (2023) G614jv

Level 8

One interesting detail I noticed recently is that while all the 'basic' keys are unresponsible, the M-keys (M1-M4) still work. So it's not like the keyboard shuts off entirely, seems like a software/firmware issue.

Asus System Control Interface update came out recently, tried installing it, but the issue still persists.

I also created a support ticket and went through all the basic troubleshooting with the support guy, but to no avail. Provided links to similar threads and asked to escalate the ticket. They told me someone's going to contact me in about a week, but no one did. Worst case, they choose to ignore the issue, although it's not exactly an uncommon one judging by the forums. Best case, the company sucks at communication. I'm not very optimistic here, though.

Level 7

I've been having this issue for the past month, on a two months old G16 (2023), it happens like once every 3-4 days. Very annoying. Locking the screen and unlocking it solves the problem

Level 8

Bumping and linking a similar thread from this forum:

I've seen many people reporting that locking the screen helps and while it's true (you'll have to wait a few seconds, though), I'd also like to add that, for me, it normally helps to simply wait 30 seconds or so. I have absolutely no idea how this is not being looked into by the company.