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is there anyone that can give me benchmarks for zephyrus g16 2023?

Level 7

I know that GizmoSlipTech has a video on it but not enough info for me Currently, I'm looking for a laptop that I can both game on and use of Uni, and so far, for the price range that I can afford, I found *the zephyrus g16 2023 with 4060 / fhd+ / i7 13620H/ 165 Hz / 32GB ddr4 3200MHz / 2TB ssd *legion pro 5i 2023 4060 / WQXGA (2560x1600) / i7 13700HX / 240 Hz / 16GB ddr5 4800MHz / 1TB ssd Zephyrus G16 is obviously smaller and lighter compared to legion, but is it better? I've had a lenovo g5070 for about a decade, and it's been pretty ok for what I did with it. However, the same thing can't be said about my friends So which is better?