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I can't make my Zephyrus M boot

Level 7

I recently bought a Zephyrus M (second hand, not new) but I can't boot with it.
When I press the power buttons, keybaords leds goes on, but nothing else. The leds stays on when I press the power button. Then, they goes off if I keep pressing the power button ~15 sec. When I stop pressing that button, leds goes on again.
I tried to stay pressing this button for 2 mins, and the result is the same: once I stop pressing this button, leds goes on again.
Disk and battey leds are always off.
I had this issue from the first time I pressed that button whether I'm using the laptop on its battery, or not.
Now the leds stays off when I'm trying to use the laptop on its battery.

I made a quick video showing the issue:

What do you think guys, what should I do ?