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How reliable are asus rog laptops?

Level 7

Can someone give me some unbiased on whether or not if Asus Rog is reliable? I’m thinking of getting a g14 but I just wanted to make sure it’s reliable enough to last me through 4 years of college, that is of course, treating the laptop with respect etc.


Customer Service Agent

Hi @ganjou ,

Thank you for considering purchasing an ASUS ROG laptop! However, like any electronic device, their reliability also depends on correct usage and maintenance.
To ensure the longevity of your ASUS ROG G14, we recommend assessing your usage needs to confirm whether the hardware specifications meet your academic requirements during your college years. Regular software updates and ensuring good ventilation are also key factors in maintaining optimal performance.
The information above is provided for your reference. If you have any specific concerns or questions about the ASUS ROG G14 or our products, please feel free to ask.