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How many SSD slots does the GA402XV-G14.R94060 model of G14 laptops hold?

Level 7

I am thinking of buying a G14 laptop with a Ryzen 9 and a 4060 but it only comes with 512GB SSD. I want to put either a 2TB SSD if it only has one slot or an additional 1TB if it has 2 slots, but I can't find information on how many slots there are. 


Level 11

For upgrading, I strongly suggest checking the manual.

There is one SSD slot and it is Gen4 on the G14 (2023). You can see where it is and how to access it at the aforementioned link. Be aware that if you use Windows 11 with a Microsoft Account, using the old SSD in an external enclosure or in another computer may or may not bring up issues with BitLocker, a Windows feature that the user is not warned about.