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HELP! Zephyrus DUO 16 ScreenXpert restarts until succeeds to load ScreenPad plus icons

Level 8

I got a Zephyrus Duo 16 2023 7945HX with an RTX 4080 on September. After installing Windows several times (because of AMD Adrenaline software that messed things all the time), and I believe after the update version 22H2 in Windows 11, I experience a weird behavior on my ScreenXpert - ScreenPad Plus.
The intro video plays, the icons of ScreenPad plus doesnt load, and it keeps restarting the ScreenXpert procedure until it succeeds to load the icons of the ScreenPad plus in my secondary screen.

When it suceeds to load my screens if (for example) I load AC it starts to load and fails. If I press the AC button again it loads it succesfully. Are there any instancies that conflict each other? Is it wise to uninstall ScreenXpert - ScreenPad plus and AC???  and with which tool should I do it?

Does anybody else experienced such behavior? 


Level 9

I sort of have the same issue.  My ScreenXpert icons does show up, but after doing things in the screen it will disappear and the only way I can bring it back if I change resolution for the 2nd display.

To reproduce my problem just going to the Setup (Sprocket icon) and a lot of times it will just disappear from that point on.


My other issue is that when I login to Windows after a reboot, the 2nd screen used to start, but right now it's always off and I can't turn it on unless I use the macro button to turn it on.


Any help?