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help with Asus GX700vo cooling unit

Level 7
hello everyone,

i wasnt sure where to post this. sorry about any mistake

i own a asus gx700vo. it has been a dissapointment. i have taken good care for it. but it became faulty within a year. the water cooling unit that is.

whats worst was the service in my country. the firm handling the service for ASUS is highly incompetent. they spent lot of time gazing over this laptop like it was an enchanted fairy. took around 40 days to fix a simple thing. (yes it was very simple as i later found out).

it was a major loss since its my only machine to work on.

it has become faulty again. and i simply cannot afford to send it someplace where it will lie for 1-2 months again. this is simply my country.

what happened the first time it was faulty was that it started leaking.

clearly there was some damage. a lot of liquid was lost. the cooling unit was heavily beeping to indicate the same.

this time the heavy beeping started again and i was alerted. i immediately disconnected my laptop and noticed few drops of the coolant leaked.

i stopped using it after that.

then i took the unit+laptop and cleaned the pipe openings etc. removed the rust. and the leak stopped.

problem is only a little liquid has lost. but the unit probably has some inbuilt meter to warn when liquid is not upto level.

i used the laptop with cooling unit with heavy beeps for long time. its working perfectly . no leaks. i need to stop the beeping now.

im prepared for any consequences. still better than giving it to "asus service".

can someone help me with this? i have opened up the cooling unit. but now inside is a mystery to me.

can i stop the beeping. can i maybe refill the liquid myself.

since the laptop is very limited. (both gx700vo and gx800) there are few internt articles or youtube videos regarding same.

any help will be greatly appreciated.

if i forgot to mention something. sorry. please ask and ill immmediatley do so.