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GX703HS-XB99 overheating and shutting down

Level 7

Hello, my Notebook overheat and shuts down after Playgin games like Herores of the storm for like 40 min. It's been only 3 week it does that, I bought that computer one year ago and didn't had any problem. It's true it's been updated to Win11 (without my consent). I went in power option and switch back to Asus recommended.

I was wondering if I should clean fan, replace thermal paste, or do anything like that, but my Notebook still is under warranty and I was wondering if I will loose it, because in that case I prefer to send it back to Asus for repair. Btw I take care of it, it is always in a clean environment.
I cannot see temp while playing, any software you recommend to save temps history ?
Thanks in advance.


Level 9


I don't think you'll lose warranty on hardware parts just for opening the back panel dusting off and/or replacing thermal paste. There's wouldn't be any grounds for stripping out the warranty if you do it properly, i.e. a potential warranty issue is not cause by you doing maintenance work on your laptop.

The one year mark is a pretty sensible timeframe to check the thermal solution on any laptop that heavily depends on it. I'll probably do mine went it gets to 6 months old -I will be replacing liquid metal with regular tim-.

As for the temperature monitoring, you can use MSI's afterburner with Riva tuner statistics -just install afterburner, it'll ask you if you want to install the other bit too-. With it you can plot several sensor readings and save them to a file for you to check them later. Also, you can enable OSD stats for a quick check while playing. That's what mostly everybody use to track temperatures, clockspeeds, power draw etc.

On top of that I use OCCT which has a nicer GUI, I'm running 3 monitors so when I want to check for something I just set it on one of the side monitors. Give it a look too.

And you can also check HW Info, will let you configure little window-widgets with graphs of any sensor you choose. HW Info is one of the go-to utility for anything hardware monitoring.

Hope it helped.