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GX701GX Repeating keyboard; keeps moving after holding button

Level 7
After holding a button, mostly noticed with "W" for moving forward, it seems to be hanging for a while after releasing.
For example, after walking forward for a while without releasing the button, the character will continue moving forward after releasing the button.

I have recreated it in word by holding "W" for a couple of minutes, and when releasing the button it keeps repeating w by itself.
It also happened with other letters.

It seems that the games are handling the keystrokes like text input, instead of holding.
I have not experienced any motion lagging because of this.

Does anyone have any experience with this, or any ideas on how to resolve it?

Level 9
Hello Chiller,
Does this issue only happening with gaming? or in other situation as well?
Thank you.

Level 7
I tried in word and the same happens. It's like it can't keep up with repeating the same button, so after holding for a while it has to catch up by repeating until it's done. It gets worse the longer I hold, so I have developed a habit for releasing the button once in a while to prevent it. But I never considered games to use keystrokes in this way. I always thought it was click/hold, but it seems like it's click/repeat.