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GX701GX Over heating, l replaced the thermal paste.Now I need repair recommendations

Level 7
The laptop was over heating so badly it would crash the game within a minute and was at 95-100 cpu in menu, with switching out the thermal paste on my mind I got to work. After making sure everything was screwed back in I was attaching the ribbon cables, thought I was done and attached the battery. One last looksie and I noticed my trackpad ribbon cable wasn’t plugged in. Okay I’ll just put that in... and outch, it burned me... crap. The ribon melted and a little dot on the motherboard ghosted (white stuff around it) and the socket has a blackened contact. I know someone with a particular set of skills could replace this without me giving to asus for an arm and a leg. So if anyone has any recommendations I am glad to hear it. Thanks*

US Customer Loyalty Agent
Sorry to hear that didn't go better. Not sure how easy it will be to find someone who can repair motherboards if it is required, but this section is more for customers who are having issues with ASUS RMAs/repairs, so if you have any interest in sending the notebook back to ASUS for repair and are having any problems to arrange it, feel free to let us know.
From your post it sounds like you were hoping to solve it another way though, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks.

Moved to appropriate section.
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