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Gx701gwr bios help!!!???

Level 7
:mad: Need help please, anybody got the 307 bios as it’s not available on the official website anymore.
* I didn’t *realise they would be still updating the bios on such an old laptop via windows , I had disabled the firmware icon in device manager but it must have reverted.
* *Just wanted to make sure nobody else has to suffer the loss of Throttle-stop undervolting feature. My temps are now in the early 90s whereas they never went above 80c on the 307 bios.*:rolleyes:

Level 7
Yeah Asus really want us not to be able to undervolt anymore and that sucks. I have the GX701GVR modell with the 2060 gpu and i7 9750h cpu i have saved the 305 bios. I a am preatty sure you can undervolt on that BIOS but im not sure if it will work on your modell.

Level 7
Thanks for replying, but I think you have problems with downloading drivers etc if you haven’t got the right bios.
* * Kevin *