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gx701gv USB3.2 Gen2 Type-C problem

Level 7
So I have just purchased portable monitor AOC I1601FWUX, and after a while I noticed that my battery level keeps going up and down by 2% every ~3min while AC power was avaible.
So I decided to look into it, after a while I came to conclusion that my USB-C port that supports power delivery and displayport(needed for the display to work) powers (8W) the display directly from my battery while bypassing the AC power. I connected the same monitor to the other USB-C connector that does not have power delivery and displayport and saw that the power was being drawn from the AC power, not from the battery. I came to this using software called BatteryInfoView. So my questions are:
how much does it hurt the battery by constantly charging and discharging it by 2% while having the power mode set to keep it at 60%,
and is it possible to turn off the asus power delivery over that USB? or is there any other possible fix for this?
I have also tried the same test using my phone and got the same results: USB-C (with Power del. and Displayport) started to discharge the battery while the gen1 USB-c did not discharge the battery.
Thanks in advance.