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GX701 Driver problem

Level 7
Hello All,

I recently purchased an Asus Zephyrus X GX701 laptop. After going through the initial install, I noticed that it had alot of asus labeled software (bloatware) that I did not need. I started uninstalling them and then thought that i would just be better off with a fresh install of windows...

I booted from my windows 10 usb install drive, reinsitalled fresh windows over everything and went from 4.5gb ram usage idle to 2gb idle.

Now I am having trouble installing the drivers from the driver page

Because I am finding that they are all compressed zip files and after decompressing them most of them have no simple install.exe, instructions, etc.

Even if i did go to my device manager and started trying to match things up to devices, most of the devices in the device manager are not being recognized by Windows 10 Pro.

Furthermore, I went to NVIDIA's website to get any drivers for the video card and it's saying that no compatible video card can be found. I chose the RTX 20 Series (Notebook) drivers. I even tried installing NVIDIA Experience and it also can't find any.

I would really appreciate any help on what to do about the driver situation. Why don't any of the drivers from the driver website have any installations and why won't my hardware be recognized?

Thank you all for your help.

Level 13
What You Need Is The Original Esupport Folder For The GX701 Ask Some To Upload The Esupport Folder , If Installing drivers from the download page install the Intel Serial IO driver first {Intel Serial driver} , and Chipset Driver ,Bios , Download Drivers To Desktop Decompress using 7-zip , Find The .bat file , Right Click install using administrator privileges , If There Is No Asus SetUp .EXE

Level 7

What exactly IS the esupport folder?

Level 13
Esupport Folder Is A Folder With All The Original Drivers That Came With Your Laptop, Every Asus Laptop Has An Esupport Folder , Every Prebuilt Asus PC has Esupport Folder With All The Original Drivers That Were Installed When You Bought Your Laptop, If There Is No Asus Setup.EXE Use The .bat file To Install As Pointed Out In Above Post