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GX551QS Factory Image

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Can you purchase or download from ASUS the original factory image my laptop shipped with? Either an ISO or the eSupport folder (I prefer an ISO)? I found (through this forum) this WEB site: however there doesn't appear to be anything for my model laptop.

Unfortunately when I replaced the original single SSD the laptop shipped with, with 2 x Samsung SSDs in RAID0 I accidently wrote over the original!

As long as you install the same version of Windows that came with your laptop (Win 10 home) it will activate and you can get all of the drivers and tools from the Support page for your machine. It's a little bit more manual but this also means you will get the latest versions rather than whatever shipped with your machine. If you cannot find something make sure to expand the various driver and software sections on the support page.
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Thanks Xeromist, agree that's the 'expected' way to rebuild however there's an earlier post on this forum & apparently the Z13 factory image is available from this WEB site:

Not sure how legit the site is? Is it an ASUS sanctioned WEB site? The issue with downloading all the drivers from the laptop's support page (ie: the typical way) is the uncertainty of what order they should be done in? Should you reboot after each one (if yes it's very time consuming)...etc, etc.

The asustreiber website, though not offically associated with ASUS, does have copies of many of ASUS laptop eSupport folders (NOT Factory Images). From the eSupport Folder, the file AsInsWiz.exe can been run. This program will install all the drivers, programs, and special settings found with the original ASUS OS. When combined with a fresh installation of Windows 10/11 you would be left with a near factory image.

Good Luck
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