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GX531GS Laptop overheating - Please help!! Advice would be greatly appreciated!

Level 7
Hi Everyone!

My name is Oliver and I just recently bought an ASUS laptop Zephyrus ROG GX531GS-AH76 in November 2018. Please find the specs below:
CPU: 6xcores, i7-8750H
GPU: GeForce GTX1070 Max-Q
Storage: 512 GB
System: 64-bit

I am however having a problem as my laptop's temperature is reaching very high degrees! Usually the maximum temperature that it reaches is 85 or 86 but now it is reaching up to 95 and even up to 99 degrees celsius. I am also experience FPS lag when playing games which I assume is due to the overheating from the laptop.
I would like to prolong the life span of my laptop but also get a good performance out of it by keeping the laptop cool. Does anyone out there know how I can keep my laptop cool?

Here is what I have tried so far:
Laptop cooling pad:
Unfortunately this does not work because there is no holes or vent holes on the bottom of my laptop and hence air blowing from a laptop cooler pad will not get into the laptop. See picture if my explanation is not clear: 78125

Laptop vacuum cooler:
So I bought a laptop vacuum cooler so that it sucks hot air out of my laptop. But I am not too sure if it is effective as I have not notice a temperature decrease. Or maybe should I buy more and connect it to the 4 exhaust parts of my laptop? (See picture if unclear: 78126)

A friend of mine suggested that I undervolt my CPU and GPU because according to him he thinks that the CPU and GPU are getting more power than needed and even if I undervolt appropriately, I will not lose performance. Can someone confirm if this is true?

Your help will be mostly appreciated here!

In the meantime I am trying to flow cold air or suck out hot air from my laptop 🙂



Level 7
I suggest u repaste ur thermal paste. I did experience it after i swap my ram my cpu temp shot up to 95c and thermal throttle, i must have somehow touch or moved something before when i first gotten it it was in the 70s. However after i repaste it it went back to the norm bout 80 max when gaming under full load.