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GX531 Zephyrus S keyboard rgb issue

Level 7
So I received a new Zephyrus S which I had ordered on Amazon and noticed that when I try to change the keyboard lighting to a single color there's a few keys which light up in a slightly off color.

I tried asus support which had me update drivers and it still had the same issue. Support said to contact Amazon which I did and they sent me a replacement unit. The new replacement laptop just came today and I had the exact same issue with the same keys.

The down arrow, left arrow, and left ctrl key will have lighting thats different when using most colors other than red.

Is this an issue with every unit?


Level 7
I have the exact same issue with the exact same keys. I thought it was just faulty RGB keys at random. (I had a Logitech Keyboard for my desktop with the same issue but different keys. When I replaced the keyboard via Logitech support the new one had the same issue again but different keys. This lead me to believe that they were just sending my keyboards that were not properly quality checked. My third keyboard from them was great and I to this day, I have still had no issues.) I state my issue with Logitech because I figured it was the same thing with this labtop but sense you have the exact same problem with the same 3 keys as I do it make me think its something different. if you find a fix, please let me know and I will do the same. I'd hate to have to return this for such a small issue... (I may end up just dealing with it sadly)

Any news? Facing the same problem since last bios update.
AirVent RGB stopped, keyboard stopped, numpad stopped.
The firmware is broken in this update.
I "fixed" the keyboard using another model's firmware, but still some problems.
I need the original firmware file for GX531 keyboard.