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GX531 Possibly cooling stand/accessories

Level 7
Hi Guys,

Does anyone know of a suitable accessory for helping to cool these laptops, I don't like the fact that the CPU reguarly hits 90-95.

Due to the way it takes cool air from the open vent at the bottom and through the top it appears that a traditional cooling stand won't do the job... I was wondering if anyone has found a good solution?


Level 11
Those are abnormal temperatures. Perhaps your cooling solution is this: ??


Well I know this is a delayed response to this reply and the creation of this thread, but I wanted to share my findings...

So as suggested, I picked up a can of compressed air for dust removal and used it a few times with not much real improvement...

This week however after getting some thermal throttling while gaming I decided it was time to get to the bottom of this overheating CPU.

I bought myself some Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, and set about repasting the system (I bought the 1g tube, and it’s not really enough to repaste the whole lot but plenty for just the CPU and GPU) after opening the up the system and giving her a clean out throughout, i found that the paste on *the cpu and gpu had completely dried out. The heat sinks come attached to the fans and blowing some compressed air all through the fan assembly I noticed quite a bit of dust come out the various exhausts.

So after putting the system back together and running games I knew I was getting thermal throttling on, i was previously getting 96-99 on the CPU, but with the pasting and fan clean I’m now getting 80-85 on the CPU. A massive improvement and I do feel that I can feel a difference to how much air is coming out of the exhaust.

Lastly, as almost a curiosity type thing, I purchased a laptop cooling stand (with 4 fans) it was only £25, and at the very least it lifts the laptop up to a more comfortable height... but what I’ve done is remove the plate that opens up additional air intake when the laptop is open, so the underside of the fans are exposed, and using the cooling station to blow more air through the fans... after some more solid gaming My CPU temp is around 75-78 now.... obviously the downside is if I need to take the laptop out now I’ll have to screw the plate back on but since it’s only 4 screws, it’s not the end of the world...

All in all I was pretty impressed with the combination of things, and just wanted to share what I had found, I know the CPU in mine (8750H) runs hot normally, but this was a big difference from where I was. Goes to show what a good clean and paste can do....**

Thanks for this input. Having the same problem and I'm really worried how this affects my internals in the long run.