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Gx502gw does not wake up from standby

Level 9
Hi all
My gx502gw does not wake up after standby. Keyboard, mouse or lid does not work
If you click power, fans starts to run high speed, but does not wake up.
I need to restart by keeping power pushed
Bios 301. All drivers updated
Any clue?

Level 9
Hello reegamer,
When did this issue start to happen? after any specific update or modification?
The latest BIOS of your device is 310, may you double check?
Thank you.

Thanks Blake@Asus
Now laptop is having additional problems (not sure due to same reason).
I am currently having problems with Nvidia 2070 video card. It ramdomly:
a) Dissapear from Device Manager, only Intel video card is seen. In this case, laptop works well.
b) When Nvidia card appears in device manager, after a while, fans starts working at full speed and I get BSOD with "DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR" or "Driver Power State failure" messages

I have sent the laptop to repair to ASUS, they have reinstalled windows and replaced the battery but still same problem. I am about to send again to Asus for repair.

Windows 10. Latest BIOS 310 and latest drivers from Nvidia.

Any clue is more than welcomed.

Level 9
Hello reegamer,
How is every thing now?
If there is any other issue, please let me know
or PM me the SN and RMA number.
Thank you.