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gx502gv wireless display - lag

Level 7
hi everyone,

recently purchased a gx502gv - and i am having a bit of an issue..

for some context - i've updated all drivers, and windows update etc.

the issue i am having is that when i am projecting to a wireless display (my TCL TV w/ roku app) to stream videos, it tends to pixelate or freezes for 1-2 seconds at random times

on my old alienware 15 r3 - this was not an issue, even til now it is not as I have tested it last night with the alienware after i notice the asus pixelizing

typically this might be a driver issue with the marvell wireless display driver, but i do not see that in the Asus

looking to get some feedback on how i can improve the quality of projecting to a wireless display

thank you,