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GX501VIK Keyboard Issues

Level 7
Hello everyone,

I'm having some issues with the keyboard on my notebook and was hoping that I get some guidance from here ( Asus support ticket led to RMA which is not an option at the moment).

What happens is that whenever I pick a colour other than True Red, Blue or Green only the W key shows that exact colour. Example: If I pick the default purple from within the software, the W key looks just like that and everything else is a very light red. If I pick the default yellow, the W is yellow and everything else is light green.

This happens even after a clean install of the OS and with different versions of the Aura Core.

Thank you in advance.

Level 10
Hello MikailR,
May I have a picture or video of the issue?
Thank you.

Hello Blake,

These are two random colours, but it happens for any choice I make.
Thank your for you reply.

Level 10
Hello MikailR,
Please kindly send the device to service center to adjust the hardware.
Thank you.