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GX501VI Zephyrus ASUS original packaging

Level 7
Hi guys, I purchased a GX501VI from Adorama a couple of days ago, and the main asus tape on top of the external packaging wasn't applied properly, so I'm a bit worried I might have received a previously returned laptop, sold as brand new (like many other horror stories on the web).

What was reassuring was that the smaller box inside was still shrink wrapped. However there was a hole on the side of the shrink wrap, not the kind of hole where it was damaged, but the kind where it looks like a part of the shrink wrap process.

For anyone who recently purchased the GX501VI, or anyone who can remember unpacking theirs, did you also have the same kind of gap in your shrink wrap?. Thanks in advance for the help!

Level 7
No one remembers unboxing their Zephyrus? :eek:

Customer Service Agent
In order to protect your rights and interests, if you feel the new product is flawed, we might suggest you to return this laptop and replace an new one.