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GX501 Wishlist: Enable Optimus mode

Level 7
Hi guys,

I just would love to see an option to enable the Intel graphics to this laptop, so we could turn off Nvidia at work/presentations, and enable it for gaming pr video edit modes.

Currently battery like is quite bad, and this is fine due 1080 MaxQ TDP, but it would be great if you could add an option for Optimus just like the new GM501.

Adding an option like that, sales might increase for this laptop, for all those need to handle light and hard workloads.

Even if battery life gets a 2.5/3 hours, would be a lot better than current 1/1.5 hrs. I actually know that could mean losing G-Sync, but that's fine.

I know also this might depend of how wiring is done, but actually if only eDP (main monitor) is accepting both Intel or Nvidia, would be OK.

Many thanks.

Machines without optimus usually have the integrated GPU physically disconnected. They don't need it so it isn't wired up. So it's probably not possible to enable it in software.
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Level 7
Yeah I think this is a big miss if we can't enable this in software.