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GU603HM SSD upgrade questions

Level 7
Hi all!

1 month CRAAAAZY happy owner of this phenomenal macine!!!!! It's the best laptop I've ever owned -- WOW!!!!!!

Just upgraded my RAM so I'm now maxed at 40gb -- sa-weetness!

Now I'd like to upgrade my SSD and I just read on a Best Buy review that it actually supports PCIe 4.0.

Questions: 1. is this correct? 2. If so, how do I migrate all the important stuff to a new, PCIe 4.0 drive? 3. What's the max capacity SSD -- can I add a 2TB SSD? 4. Any recommendations on best drive to get? I'm looking at the WD_Black SN850.

Thanks in advance everyone!

Level 7
Nevermind -- I just found this thread that answers all my questions:

Turns out the main SSD slot is PCIe 4.0 but the secondary is 3.0

Migrating OS can be done with

Not sure what max capacity is, but in the above thread, the person has two 2TB drives.

Thanks for everyone's help! (nyuk nyuk nyuk)