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GU502GV - Fans never reach MAX RPM unless setting manually

Level 8
Since I've had the Zephyrus GU502GV I've had nothing but issues. I assumed a software fix for the keyboard becoming non-responsive whenever you enable it in Aura Sync would eventually be resolved but I was wrong.

I've also noticed another huge issue in relation to CPU temps and fan control so if any other unfortunate owners of this laptop read this, I hope it helps.


CPU temps reach max when gaming when using PERFORMANCE or TURBO profiles in ARMOURY CRATE. This caused CPU throttling and lagging of games.

I noticed when using the MANUAL mode and forcing the fans to be 100% at all times, this does not occur. It then occurred to me that when using the so called TURBO mode, the fans were NEVER as loud as they are on 100% manual.

After using many methods to monitor the fan speeds I've confirmed that unless being forced at MAX via manual they never reach CPU: 8300 RPM & GPU: 8800 RPM.

I expect this is due to the ASUS created profiles have incorrect fan curve which causes the CPU to heat up before the RPM's hit 100%. I suspect it also may be due to running off GPU temp and ignoring CPU temp.


If you have a GU502GV set profile to MANUAL and force fans to 100% when playing to enjoy your now incredibly loud "gaming" laptop but with decent temps and performance.

Level 7

Same, with my GU502GU. And this worries me, because I use the laptop mostly for work, and even if programs are demanding but not like a videogame, I have to jump to manual mode, otherwhise the laptop will reach 90+°. (also since last year I have to set EVERY TIME the fan speed with the interface sliders).

Any solution?