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GU502GV | Adjust Keyboard-Backlight w/o Armoury Crate?

Level 8
Ladies and Gentlemen,

As of yesterday, I'm the happy owner of the GU502GV.

I've been using the GL502VMK for more than two years - its durability / performance never ceased to impressed me (VR / Unity / Blender-User) so it was the only logic move to stay with the ASUS-brand.

So far I'm really happy with the purchase; both build-quality / perfomance are great IMHO.

There's only one minor flaw which I can't seem to resolve: the keyboard-illumination resp. the RGB-"breathing" (stock / default).
As I had to re-install the OS from scratch (2x M.2 / Win10 Pro-License), the keyboard / RGB-effects-app is missing on my system.

I tried to download / install "Armoury Crate" / various other ASUS-apps - but to no avail (device not found etc.).
As "Armoury Crate" doesn't seem to allow Intel XTU to be installed / running at the same time, I wasn't planning to use this tool, anyway.

Basically my plan / hope was to install / run the App, "bake" a simple "white-background"-color into the "Keyboard" resp. System, then to uninstall the app / re-install Intel XTU.

Is there any way to modify the Key-Colors / RGB-patterns w/o Armoury Crate / any other additional Software / "Bloatware"?

Best regards & thank you in advance!

EDIT: Please disregard. Seems like the following app / download does work (w/o the additional tools being necessary):
Aura Sync ->