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GU501GM Bad GPU Driver

Level 7
So I recently upgraded my Nvidia GPU driver from the ASUS support website and noticed that my system in general runs really hot with the new driver installed.
With the new driver installed the Nvidia GPU never turns off, like ever. Even when the system is idle on the desktop it is still powered on and generating heat.
With the old driver installed the system will default to the integrated Intel GPU when it is handling light processes that don't require a lot of power. When it is doing this the Nvidia GPU is powered down and doesn't generate any additional heat.

I have tried everything from setting which GPU I want in the Nvidia control panel to trying to change which GPU my apps will use within the Windows10 display setting, nothing will get the Nvidia GPU to power down with the new driver installed.

Since the CPU and GPU are connected by the same heatsink in the GU501GM having a hotter GPU is making my CPU temps read about 10 degrees Celsius hotter than normal, and thus my fan speeds are more aggressive, heat throttling kicks in sooner, and I can only imagine it is eating my battery faster when I'm not plugged in to an outlet since the GPU doesn't turn off.

Not sure if this is just an oversight on ASUS's part or what but the latest driver is a bad one. I recommend rolling back to the old driver below for anyone who has updated to the newer version.

---Drivers below are straight from the ASUS support site---
New Driver - April 2019:
Old Driver - November 2018: