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GA402RK Left USB-C Port does not work with dock and external display output

Level 7
I've tried multiple docks with the Zephyrus G14 2022 and when they are connected to the left port of the device display out does not work. Display output does work when connected to right USB-C port, but the right port does not support laptop charging.

I've tried the following docks:
CalDigit SOHO
handful of other travel docks

Has anyone else had success in connecting docks to left USB-C port?

risola wrote:
I just got an update from Asus 7/4 stating the following:

and another update 7/5 stating the following

Excellent news! Thanks for following up with Asus and sharing this information.
Looking forward to the new BIOS

Asus support provided me with the 313 Beta BIOS. It resolved my issues with the left port and now my docks work without issue.

Here is the link they provided but it is a Beta BIOS so use at your own risk:

Note: To load this you'll have to extract the zip onto a USB drive (formatted as FAT16 or FAT32). Once that's done boot into BIOS settings (keep pressing F2 when powering on) and go into advanced mode. Then use the Asus EZ Flash 3 Utility to load.

So usb-c displayport docs works for you now? Which one are you using?

madushan1000 wrote:
So usb-c displayport docs works for you now? Which one are you using?

I've got the docks below and both worked with no issues. Also have a USB-C travel monitor that is working now which didn't before.
CalDigit SOHO

That USB4 dock is probably running in USB3 compatibility mode, because ASUS still does not released drivers/bios to support USB4.

I just bought a zephyrus g14 2023 and I have this issue. Everything is up to date, none of the usual fixes worked. I suspect that bios update would no longer be relevant for me since its been 2 years?

Level 7

Hi, does it support power and video output at the same time now? after 313 bios? if not, does it support 4k 60hz video output without power?

Level 7

Is it solved?