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GA402RK Left USB-C Port does not work with dock and external display output

Level 7
I've tried multiple docks with the Zephyrus G14 2022 and when they are connected to the left port of the device display out does not work. Display output does work when connected to right USB-C port, but the right port does not support laptop charging.

I've tried the following docks:
CalDigit SOHO
handful of other travel docks

Has anyone else had success in connecting docks to left USB-C port?

Level 9
Do you have the latest 312 BIOS?

Yes, I've got the latest bios, Armoury Crate and MyAsus versions along with all windows updates. I had also had the same issue with the 310 bios.

Level 9
As I understand it, the left port connects to the integrated GPU and the right one to the dedicated one. Therefore, if you have the MUX switch set to dedicated only, the right side port is the one that will work.

Your understanding aligns with mine. I do not have the mux enabled though.


If I connect a USB-C to DisplayPort adapter directly to the left port the display output works. I've also tried connecting to a USB-C monitor (4k 60Hz) with limited success it works but only with a later AMD Adrenalin version 22.5.1 Driver 30.0.15021.11005. The Radeon SW on Asus site and Driver version 30.0.14018.19001_27939 have the same issue and didn't work with the USB-C display. I've also tried Adrenalin versions 22.5.2 and which presented the same issue.

It's only when connecting the left port to a dock that I get no display output. The docks work without issue on several other laptops I've tried (both with integrated only and discrete GPUs), although they are all intel integrated and NVIDIA discrete solutions and all are thunderbolt ports. But as the docks are not Thunderbolt docks, they should work with the left port on the G14.

I'm trying to setup a solution that will allow me to connect a display, provide power and input devices via a single USB connection and everything I see indicates that this should be possible with the left port.

Level 9
I have also read that the left port does not support power and video output at the same time but only either one or the other. ASUS support seems to have confirmed this.

Could you point me to the Asus support thread that indicates PD and display output are not supported at the same time? The manual seems to indicate that both are supported. I've seen similar statements but only related to 2020 or earlier G14s.

One other thing of note is that I have tried the docks with power both connected and disconnected. However, I've never tried them with the barrel power connector plugged in and I'm on travel for the next two weeks so won't be able to try that for a while.

Is there any update or fix to this issue?
I took my laptop back to Geeksquad in BestBuy but they have no clue.
Important for me to have a single USB solution for power, data and video to the external monitor.

dmusername wrote:
Is there any update or fix to this issue?
I took my laptop back to Geeksquad in BestBuy but they have no clue.
Important for me to have a single USB solution for power, data and video to the external monitor.

I ended up contacting Asus on June 7th and it took them to the 15th to get back and ask me to send them videos of the behavior. I provided videos on the 17th showing the behavior with several different versions of graphics drivers. My last communication with them was July 1st and they indicated they are still waiting on a solution from their technical team. I also recently submitted a bug report through AMD Adrenaline's bug report tool but I'm not expecting to hear anything from them.

I did discover that the left USB-C port will work for display output if you use a USB 3.0/3.1/3.2 Gen 1 dock (i.e. 5Gbps). However, that means you're limited to 4k 30Hz.

AMD has recently released new chipset drivers with USB4 support, but I noticed no change after installing them. I suspect this will require a BIOS update to resolve.
My reddit post with chipset driver info.

I just got an update from Asus 7/4 stating the following:

Our team has advised that they are working on a new BIOS to resolve your issue and will provide an update once the BIOS becomes available.

and another update 7/5 stating the following

After collaborating with our support staff, we are now able to provide you with a recommendation on how to address your concern. Our team advised that it looks like bios 313 will be available next week to resolve issue.

Also when your going to update the bios on your unit please. Ensure the unit is plugged in and please be advised that this may result in loss of any current settings or data. Please back up all valuable data before proceeding as ASUS will not be liable for any loss of data.