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GA402 - Issues users are experiencing.

Level 8
Hello! I am writing here, maybe it will reach devs one time and they finally fix these issues after year.

1. Enable S3 Sleep please, Modern standby is not working on this notebook as it should - S3 was here for years, it's working just fine not like modern standby ramping fans and generate heat in backpack whole time!

2. Add Wake on AC option to BIOS - Useful feature to those who does not like to open notebook when it's docked just to get it running and close it again.

3. Fix bug when changing AniMe Matrix options does also reset "Lid close actions" in windows to "Do Nothing" - This almost destroyed my notebook.

4. USB4 Support finally? Because it's almost year since it was reported by all reviewers that had your product on table and we still does not have USB4 support

5. Fix bugs in Armoury Crate.

6. Release BIOS with more advanced options like AMD-Vi, SVM, DGPU options, and Wake options (keyboard, timer, AC connected,etc...) currently there is nothing except boot list...

If there is nothing to happen, this is probably my first and last ASUS I'v bought sadly. It's great laptop but support for it is just horrible. Not to mention that promises should be adhered.