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G15 GA503RW Keyboard stopped working

Level 8

okay so i have run into issue of keyboard just plain out dead. all of the keys have stopped.(exception power key). no backlight.not even working in uefi.  i have checked everything. used Myasus app to update firmware which fails gives Keybaord firmware failure. or get stuck at 50%. i have checkedd logs of the firmware update and it last line says 

[Initialize] Battery Power Level : 98
[Initialize] GetASUSDevice fail
[Initialize] GetITEDevice

in armory crate when i select Aura effects(where i was able to change keyboard backlight color schemes) it says No Device Available, Please conect aura sync device(which never happened before). 

I have done clean windows uninstall and trying to update keyboard firmware through myasus app.same error. update bios. reset it to default. open up laptop and unplug keyboard connect and reinset again to check if somehow it got loose. but still nothing. reset drivers in device manager.still nothing. reinstalled armory crate and myasus app. still nothing. did clean windows install multiple times.

My guess is that keyboard is just borked. 

what i want to know if i change keyboard i.e get a replacement and insert. will it work? anyone with experience? is it a bios problem? can someone guide me to right direction? i am comfortable with opening laptops and changing stuff. laptop is just 2 months above warranty so cant claim it. i love this laptop but this keyboard stuff is bugging me alot and im sick of using an external keyboard. paid lots of money for this.****** should work


Level 7

I have the same problem and I managed to solve it in a palliative way (until the problem returns). Keep in mind that ASUS is a company with very low quality components and a team of software engineers who only replicate Chinese firmware codes. That said, follow the following steps to try to solve your problem:
- Initially check if you have the AsusInsWiz.exe file in the eSupport folder in C:. (It is very important to have these files saved. If not, download Win11 from 
- Uninstall AC via official ASUS uninstaller tool.
- Check the Intel drivers, especially the IRST (which tends to cause a lot of problems due to incompatibility with the ASUStek motherboard).
- Reinstall AC using AsusInsWiz.exe (DO NOT REINSTALL via official ASUS link).
- In Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\i8042prt, change Start to 1 (if it is 3).
- Reinstall the PS/2 driver (101/102 key) in "Keyboards" through Device Manager by clicking on "update drive" and "browse my computer for driver".
- You will need to restart the computer once again. Afterwards, do a hard reset by holding the power button for 40 seconds.