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G14 Zeph 2023 GA402XV 4060. setup, cloning, new SSD/RAM

Level 7


I'm stoked to have a new G14 and would like advise about the way to go about setting it up.  It's replacing my old Dell that is on Win10.

I'd like to transfer all my old data over to the new one, but am also going to upgrade the SSD and Ram on the G14.

I temporarily setup the G14 as a new PC to try it out and did my microsoft log in.  Thats how it's letting me access windows now...

Cloning the current SSD looks to be the easiest way.  Should I clone this new drive, install the new SSD (WD SN770), and factory reset the G14 so it will prompt me to for the upgrade/transfer?

How should I go about this?

Ram suggestions? Mainly for video editing but might get into gaming. I bought a 64gb pack of dual 32's but will be returning this as I don't have dual slots...

Thanks in advance.