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G14 Micro stuttering when using discrete GPU.

Level 7

I just bought my G14 2023 with a 4080, and I've been very happy with it except for the fact that I keep experiencing micro-stuttering even when just browsing the web when my dGPU is enabled. Switching to my iGPU fixes the problem, and it goes away when I restart, but it makes gaming very difficult because I can't run them on my iGPU and it's annoying to restart my laptop whenever I experience stuttering. I've tried reinstalling drivers, has anyone else experienced this issue/know how to fix it?


Level 8

Hello, same here I discover this month but with G14 2023 (Amd Ryzen 7735 + Geforce4060) microstutter by missing frames, after gaming (3-4 hours) in fps , and then it continues even on desktop. Me too, it disappears after restarting, disappearing also by unplugging /plugging the alimentation. I've tried reinstall drivers amd and nvidia with ddu and amd removal with no effect. I am trying a new solution by removing armoured crate, because it seems to activate the gpu d or i when idle. Other sources (on reddit /zephyrus) talk about : aura keyboard, the AC service. I have not yet look if it's because of the cooling system.

Only thing I've see is that the gpu frequency are fluctuating after gaming, and I'm not sure if it's tied.

I think I just found the solution- the latest NVIDIA Game Ready drivers seem to be causing this issue. I reverted my drivers to the 2nd most recent version and haven't noticed any stuttering. lmk if this fixes it for you.

Thanks for the heads up. My try on armoured crate is not conclusive it seems I may try what you're suggesting today.

I just read also this on another reddit post ( edit : and also )with what seems like the symptomsI have, a subtle stutter but cyclic, and  They also call on the trouble about the latest nvidia driver.

I notice the stutter in october, (and the geforce experience soft had some bug), so I need to find the previous one who are stable.

Thanks for the advice. I will let you know if it work.

HI again, I have test some drivers like the 532 build, but at the end I 've tried the newest (546.17) and I didn't notice any stutter after 1 day of use. So it may be worth trying.


Level 9


Ihave the same problem here you can see in this Discussion Page 13/14


best regards from Germany,


Thank you for the indication.

At this moment I manage to use previous drivers with less stutters with the 532 version, but I observe some subtle stutters sometimes, so it's not definitively resolve, but in fps game it's not too problematic for the moment than previously. I will try the new version soon to see if it resolve it. I hope it doesn't imply the hardware (with the high temp or else).

On reddit nvidia there is some ongoing observation about this stutter with the current drivers.

Thanks for the link I will make some update after trying some older drivers and the newest one.

I have this issue as well. Did you find a fix?

Hi I reverse to older driver to first. I have to wait the recent 546.12 driver to resolve my problems for my laptop. Otherwise try to look @stichpimpuli post here :

They're is more detail about the problem we have encounter.