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G14 - huge disappointment?

Level 7
I just bought my new shiny Zephyrus G14 2021. There's a lot to like about it, but there are some MAJOR flaws I can't stand. And I seek for your help.

G14 was advertised by many as pretty quiet machine which was a key factor for me. But it's fans seem inadequate - even in Silent profile and idling it's constantly switching fans on up to 2300rpm, than off. And again. And on and on... It doesn't have any in-between settings - either 0 or 2300 or higher, and it's audible already. Seriously?
This fluctuation happens every ~30 seconds while temps are below or around 60. So there's no need to at all.
While it handles a load it sounds loud and inconsistent, I think default curves are to blame. And it's pretty unpleasant and uncontrollable.

Main heat producer is CPU, GPU seems cool even at load. I don't need a high multicore performance so I tried to set TDP limit to 15W via Armoury Crate (to leave turboboost active but cool it down). It took completely no effect.

More than that - custom curves. I was amused by this feature, but the way it works ruins the idea. Basically it limits "minimum" speed at a certain temp which makes it almost useless as those limits are too high. Even this way it's work seems flawed, however I set the curves fans start to behave illogically and loudly.
More than that, one fan is connected to either CPU or GPU. You can't link both to an average temp of the chips, or to the hottest one. It makes cooling inefficient and noisy.

And I don't ask for a miracle - I'm ok with lowering the power. But give me CONTROL to chose what I need!

I just wanted to say "WTF"?!

I have to admit - it's one of the worst ones I found in a notebook. It doesn't let me precisely position cursor, it clicks hard, it's too small, it's hard to place a thumb for clicking with it as it thinks I do some multitouch gesture etc... It's too narrow.

But more importantly, I can't find a way to get a full-featured middle click. It's very important for CAD applications to be able to click and drag with MMB and I had no problems on cheapo Synaptics trackpad. Here it's only clicking, no drag. WTF.
As I have tunnel syndrome and work on the go this is quite a problem!

In short, It's just BAD and unacceptable for the price.

So... There are 3 questions to be answered to revive my faith in Asus:
How to limit CPU/GPU TDP? AC doesn't work.
How to acquire full control over fan speed curves? Inbuilt ones are just STUPID and LOUD.
How to get around with middle click?

I do ask for your help guys. My disappointment is pretty high, but all of this could be easily fixed by software. The question is - are there any?

Level 7
UPD. I already tried Ryzen Controller. Doesn't seem to work.
Also tried G14Control. It works half way - I still can't control CPU, but I can edit fan curves. It doesn't give anything useful though - in best case it works until some limit is reached and fans rapidly ramp up to the max. Or even worse, fanspeed flactuates endlessly. Developer says it's a flaw of the notebook itself. Don't know how to overcome this.

Nobody knows? :confused:

Level 7
You might want to look at the subreddit

garfong_ wrote:
You might want to look at the subreddit

I was there and I asked the same question, no real working answer found though

I have the 2022 model and it's great. Yeah it gets a little hot when gaming but it's within limits. Performance is great and the sound is amazing for built in speakers.