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G14 (4070) 2023 display not working

Level 7

As stated, my display is just not working, ive had it warranted by bestbuy 6 times now, they've changed the screen, motherboard, ssd and so far it just keeps coming back with no working display, some times it would work in the store when i pick it up, but when i get it back to my house it just stops. External displays work, windows boots, no problems like that, is this something that just happens?


Level 8

Im having the exact same issue, but its a 2022 zephyrus.
Have you checked if the display shows up on the device manager??


Mine doesn't, and it only shows the external display. I believe windows update had something to do with this.

It didn’t i think it had something to due with a faulty board which i believe was not actually replaced, there was a lot going on with my unit, and bestbuy finally junked it out and i bought a legion instead. If it’s still under warranty i’d say just hope they junk it out 

Good for you, Im way out of warranty. Enjoy your Legion!