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g14 (2023) keyboard unresponsive after waking up from sleep

Level 7

Hi all recently got a g14 with 4090. I got all the software updates done, many restarts. I've been having a problem with my keyboard after coming back from sleep keyboard doesnt work at all. I have reboot or go into hibernation and come back out to make it work again. Any suggestions how to fix this?


Level 7

The same thing happens to me 😔

Level 7

Same thing happening to me too, sometimes even while using the laptop but not the keyboard. It's like it goes into sleep mode. It returns if you wait a minute or two but thats not a solution.

Level 10

Try this it something I am working on to fix MS sleep garbage.

Clean and completely uninstalls if you wish, (No traces)

Let me know if any issues /it works perfect etc.


Level 11

The keyboard issue is directly linked to the Aura Sync. If you have the drivers for keyboard lighting with Aura Sync installed, but are not using Aura Sync (check via Armoury Crate) to do it, it causes responsiveness issues after not using the keyboard for a short time. If you either remove the drivers or enable Aura Sync to control keyboard lighting, the issue disappears.

Where can I go to remove the drivers?