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G14 2021 - often stutter (mouse, chrome etc.) while HDMI external monitor plugged in

Level 7
Hi Everyone,

So up until now I was connecting my external monitor (HP x24ih) via DP (HP) --> USB-C (Zephyrus) and everything was working fine. No stutter at all, no issues.

But since USB-C is using nVidia card and most of the time I am just browsing, I thought that I might actually connect it via HDMI-->HDMI, so iGPU is used instead and the laptop can stay cool while browsing.

And this is when the problem starts, when connected over HDMI, I can see a very often stutter (like 0.5-1s) when I minimize/maximize window, open new chrome tab etc. on my Zephyrus screen (when on HP screen it`s flawless). What I mean is not a lag, it`s like a total freeze for 0.5-1s and it doesn`t happen all the time, just quite often.

Have you got any idea what that might be? I can think of only about some issue with different screen resolution as Zephyrus has got QHD when HP has got FHD.


Now when I turned on some youtube video, it freezes for couple of seconds completely (no mouse movement, no video movement) but the sound is fine. And again, it happens only on Zephyrus screen, once moved to HP screen, everything is fine.

Just checked on Linux Mint and there is no problem there. So it must be iGPU AMD driver issue in Windows I presume. I checked my TV as well and this issue is much less noticeable but it is there (again like with HP, it appears only on Zephyrus screen not on TV). I have got the latest driver installed from AMD site.


Level 7
I am also experiencing a bad stutter issue on a newer model. I have not tried an external monitor because that's not a viable solution for me. I also posted a thread:

Does your model also have an AMD processor?